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Nicole “Ms. Niki” Addison is a classically trained singer/songwriter from Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Music Education from Howard University. She also received her Master's of Science in Administration with a concentration in Non-Profit Management from Trinity University. She has taught Music education to youth for over 15 years from D.C. to Atlanta.

Throughout the years, Ms. Niki, created musical theater programs and choirs within schools where she has exposed and developed students talents. She rehearsed before and after school preparing students for competitions and received exceptional reviews. She even showcased her students in productions including The Wiz and Annie. Her passion for teaching and music grew with her students. It reminded her of many years performing in shows and traveling abroad in choirs while she was studying Music at Ellington at Ellington and Howard.

She released her first children’s single, Music in the Air, October 2018 and will debut her first children’s EP, It’s Music Time with Ms. Niki on November 3. This EP features interactive educational songs that teaches children alphabets, colors in Spanish, and other selections in a hip and fun way. Niki’s songs are for kids and kids at heart. She’s a new age cross between Mary Poppins and Ms. Frizzle and she calls what she does edutainment, entertaining youth with education.

Along with her songs she has created a YouTube channel, Niki’s Music Class, where teachers, parents and children can have access to educational lessons and songs taught by Niki at the click of a button. Whether you are watching her videos on screen or listening in your car, you are singing along with her call and response tunes as if she’s right there with you.

Her mission is to teach children music all over the world in an unconventional way. Niki is able to take standards from curriculums and compose songs that are educational as well as encourage singing and movement. Her music is used as a supplement and/or addition to what is taught at home and school. Exposing children to music at an early age helps them learn sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music also helps children build motor skills while allowing them to use their imagination and practice self-expression.

YouTube allows any parent, teacher or caregiver around the world to have access to Ms. Niki by the click of a button. Her songs teach subjects and skills for every stage of child development. Parents and childcare providers can access nursery rhymes and songs that teach during a child's infancy stage (birth-2yrs). Childcare providers and educators can find songs for early childhood (ages 3-8) that teach the alphabets, counting, shapes, colors to sight-words, math, science and so much more. New songs will be added to the channel monthly.

Ms. Niki’s purpose is to reach children outside the four walls of a classroom. After becoming a mother, Niki feels the challenges of being a full time educator and a mother of 2 young children. YouTube allows her to reach more children as well as give her the flexibility to teach and be more accessible to her own children. She plans to move outside the confines of one classroom and share her curriculum in songs to children all over the world via YouTube. Also by traveling to perform in schools, special events and parties.


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